Our Team

Our Team - South Asian Art Gallery

SAAG, a global social enterprise with deep South East Asian roots and founded in the year 2013 by Santhana Krishnan with a mission to bring together all artists’ works in an online art gallery format, connecting people with both art and the artists they love.

SAAG offers all varieties and selections of paintings, drawings and limited edition prints in a range of prices, done by artists from around the world to exhibit and sell their work. With operations in India and USA, SAAG is redefining the experience of buying and selling art, taking it online, making it easy and convenient for both collectors and artists.

Started as a small team of people who believed the art world experience would thrive online, we hope to grow to become a revolutionary international service that puts the best of South Asian art and prints at your fingertips to explore, engage with and bring home. Explore our online collection, for irreplaceable original artworks and affordable prints. Our friendly Art Advisory will help you make the right choice.  All purchases are shipped internationally, so you can always enjoy fantastic art, no matter where you are. 

Connect with us here, on Facebook or info@southasianart.gallery for any questions or help to make your online art-buying experience better than it already is!

Our Team

Santhana Krishnan

Santhana has always been fascinated by art. He continues to live his passion, creating multiple platforms for art lovers such as himself to view and buy art worldwide. He is constantly on the lookout for spellbinding art and has a keen eye for it. He aims to promote South Asian artists and their art worldwide.

Ashrafi S. Bhagat
Art Historian & Critic

An enigmatic personality filled with great knowledge, expertise, and passion for art, Dr. Ashrafi is an independent art historian, art critic and author. She now collaborates with SAAG to share her wide knowledge and expertise. We are indeed excited to have her on board.

Annie Fastina
Gallery Manager

With a background in visual arts, Annie began her journey with South Asian Art Gallery to feed her passion for the arts. With hard work, enthusiasm and simplicity combined with love for art, she continues to follow her passion.

Lisa Powers
Art Advisor and Curator – South East Asia

Having been exposed to fine art from a very young age, Ms.Lisa is on the Art Advisory board to share with us her expertise and knowledge in the field. Being the art enthusiast that she is, we are indeed happy to have her on board. 


Karin Pepsisa
Marketing Advisor

A seasoned corporate communications consultant, Karin has come aboard SAAG to share her experience of 15 years and expertise in effective digital marketing. An expert at working with executives, she helps drive thought leadership with market influencers.

Mark Rathinaraj

As a versatile artist himself, Mark has a keen eye for detail and helps curate and vet works for SAAG. He is a mentor to many budding artists and helps them find a voice that's unique. He collaborates with SAAG and we are lucky to have him on board.