About Us

Art. For everyone.

The South Asian Art Gallery (SAAG) is a social enterprise. It's an open canvas where different artists, art enthusiasts, and communities come together and share a common love for art. It's a global society that acknowledges, shares and appreciates art that comes from a versatile and multi-cultural heritage. It's been one since its inception in 2013 and will continue to remain so.

We buy perspectives. And we sell stories.

We take pride. And we pass on the gratification.

The South Asian Art Gallery ventures well beyond just selling or buying art. Through its triple-win philosophy of promoting South Asian Artists by helping them showcase their art on a global platform, helping art collectors enjoy and own art they like, and bettering lives by donating the proceeds to various charity initiatives, the South Asian Art Gallery cares about the people involved in art as much as it cares for art. And this way it strives to positively impact society.


Art opens up minds; more importantly, it opens up conversations. Our exhibitions offer our audience an opportunity to create a wave of cultural exchange through enriching lectures, workshops and panel discussions. 

What art gives us, we give back.

At SAAG, art makes the world a better place. By working with non-profit organizations around the world, we support causes that include arts, education, children, women empowerment and veterans. Since founding over 10 years ago we have promoted 125 exceptional artists and 5,000+ artworks to a live audience of over 15,000 people across different cities and online visitor traffic of over 1,250,000 art lovers, generating over $550,000 in donations. This we use to provide education and meals for children, empower women by creating livelihoods, provide healthcare for mothers and newborns and offer shelter and vocational training to veterans and much more.