Featured Art

An evening in the farmland

By H Lwin


Lwin recreates for his viewers the joy of his idyllic village: his people, the stoic mountains and waterbodies of the countryside, the greenery, the landscapes.
Greeting viewers on his canvases are farmers at work, carefree children playing in the outdoors, enthralling homefronts and more in gorgeous fresh tones and textures.
Lwin is one of those storyteller artists whom the viewer can never tire of.

Featured Art

Still life 11

By B. Venkatesan


Venkatesan is a realistic artist. He recreates images from memory or references, as one would see them in real life.
The degree of reality in every canvas he finishes is uncontested. His student-like his attention to painting belies the fact that he is actually quite the master artist.

B. Venkatesan's Journey