South Asian Art Gallery Online Spring Show 2021 | The Feminine in the Divine with Seema Kohli


Seema Kohli Spring Show with South Asian Art Gallery

South Asian Art Gallery (SAAG) celebrates feminine power with an exclusive online show “The Feminine in the Divine” featuring Seema Kohli, one of the most recognized contemporary Indian artists. 

The online show starts on March 9th, 2021 on the International Women’s Day and will be online till March 28th 2021.  

Ms. Kohli’s work is primarily a celebration of the female form and energy, the source of the twin forces of creation and destruction.  Ms. Kohli expresses her creativity through various mediums; including painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, mural, installation, ceramic and performance. 

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About Seema Kohli:

Born in 1960, Seema Kohli has created her own niche in the world of contemporary art since past 35 years. Her creative repertoire is eclectic, encompassing a wide range of mediums ranging from painting, murals, experiential installation performances, films to installations, sculptures and each a unique expression of her style. She has over time has brought a synergy of her unique sensibilities and her art.

 Seema Kohli Spring Show 2021 with South Asian Art Gallery

Seema Kohli has had over 30 solo show in Venice, Brussels, Melbourne, London, New York, Dubai, Singapore, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore and many more. 

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 About South Asian Art Gallery: 

The South Asian Art Gallery (SAAG) is a social enterprise that is invested in making the world a better place through art. It's an open canvas where different artists, art enthusiasts, and communities come together to share their common love for art.

SAAG is the first gallery to present the art of Southeast Asia in New England. Through its triple-win philosophy of promoting South Asian Artists by helping them showcase their art on a global platform, helping art collectors enjoy and own art they like, and bettering lives by donating the proceeds to various charity initiatives. SAAG cares about the people involved in art as much as it cares for art and strives to positively impact society.