Behind The Frame

A Vasudevan

A Vasudevan

I have a passion for darkness. The vision I see at night is more beautiful than what I do at day. After twilight, everything becomes peaceful, serene, lucid and quiet. The stillness, the whispered noises and the lack of activity inspire me more than any other natural element. I translate this inspiration to images through bold strokes of red and black ink on white, creating bold images that speak what the night and darkness have to say.

I have always been inspired by oriental ink drawings that create an impact without the usage of many colours. If I can convey what I want to say through just neutral shades and one bold colour, then I am conveying what the night has to tell us – its secrets. If you look at oriental pen and ink drawings, you will notice stiff, flat, bold and vigorous lines that are strong and prominent. Some lines stand out more than the others and create an atmosphere where time seems to be stagnant like the stillness of the night.

The night moves my whole being, the innocent sounds and the darkness are what are transformed into lines when I paint.

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