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Anuradha Thakur

Anuradha Thakur

Her works are translations of real-life encounters with her favorite muses, the tribals of India. Her works are about their culture, their joys, their way of life, their dignity. Her works capture the true spirit, pulse and rhythm of tribal communities from across the country in as much glamour and as much simplicity at the same time. That, in a nutshell, is Anuradha Thakur and her work.

While Anuradha’s tryst with the tribal people is a long story going back to her childhood days spent in Maharashtra, it took an interactive workshop with the Gond tribes in Gadchiroli to make her realize what she really wanted her art to be. The closer she moved with them, the more she fell in love with the tribals – their customs and their way of life. She watched them at work, soaked in their ceremonies, their dance, their music. From her experiences in their land, she shaped her craft. Her signature style of using black and white complemented by earthen colors are a revelation to those who think black is difficult to work with. The fact that she uses black almost with a magical quality can make anyone wonder how it could be done, for the way Thakur uses black, she renders a lightness and grace to the entire canvas, be it the dancers’ footwork, the costumes, the hairdo, the mood, and the overall theme.

A widely recognized and awarded artist, her canvases bring us closer to the tribal people, make us feel one with them. A rendezvous with her work can transport one to a different timeline, to a land and its people across the seas. Her works allow us a glimpse of the ceremonies of the tribal people – their weddings, rituals, practices and their ways of socializing, transferred lovingly and most gracefully to the canvas.

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G.D. (Art), A.T.D.


2014 ‘RHYTHM AND HARMONY’, Gallery Myriane, Paris

2014 ‘EARTHEN HARMONY’, KT Kala Art Gallery, Amritsar

2013 ‘REALMS OF ETHNICITY’, Chandigarh

2013 ‘Ethnic Serendipity’, Novotel, Hyderabad

2013 ‘SERENE HARMONY’, India International Centre, New Delhi

2013 ‘Traditional Beats’, Novotel, Hyderabad

2012 ‘Traditional Beats’, Lalitkala Academy, Delhi

2012 ‘Transcending Rhythm’, Art2 day Gallery, Hyatt Regency, Pune

2012 ‘SERENE HARMONY’, Novotel airport, Hyderabad

2012 ‘RHYTHMIC LIFE’, Art2Day Gallery, Pune

2011 ‘Transcending Rhythm’, Beyond Coffee, Hyderabad

2011 ‘Rhythm Within’, Amdavadni Gufa, Ahemadabad

2010 ‘Rhythm of the Seasons’, Gallerie Leela, Mumbai

2010 ‘Rhythm of the Seasons’, Corner House, Hyderabad

2009 ‘Festive Rhythm’, Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai

2009 ‘Festive Rhythm’, Indiaart Gallery, Pune

2007 ‘Celebration of Life’, Art2day Gallery, Pune

2005 ‘Music of Life’ Lakshana Art Gallery, Bangalore

2003 ‘Autumn’s Harmony’, SUN & SAND, Pune


2012 “WAKE UP YOUR WALLS”, City Centre, Sofia, Bulgaria

2011 “FRAMES OF INDIA-2”, Pegasus Art Gallery, Hyderabad

2011 “Canvas of India-Feb 2011”, Kalanirvana Art Center. Hyderabad

2010 “A Journey of Expressions”, State Art Gallery, Hyderabad

2010 “A Journey of Expressions”, Abstract Art Gallery, Bangalore

2010 “A Journey of Expressions”, Chitrakala Parishad, Bangalore

2010 “A Journey of Expressions”, Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur

2010 “Amalgamation”, Kala Academy, Goa

2007 “Different Palettes”, Art Entrance, Mumbai

2007 “India art Gallery” & “Art2day Gallery”, Pune

2006 “Colours of Life”, Cymroza Art Gallery, Mumbai

2006 “Art for Water, Water for Life”, Cymroza Art Gallery, Mumbai

2006 “Symphony”, Lakshana Art Gallery, Hyderabad

2004 “Black & White, White & Black”, Cymroza Art Gallery, Mumbai

To see artworks by Anuradha Thakur, click here

Festive Rhythm 47|Anuradha Thakur- Acrylic on Canvas, 2013, 48 x 24 inches

Festive Rhythm-47

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Serene Harmony 46|Anuradha Thakur- Acrylic on Canvas, 2013, 36 x 36 inches

Serene Harmony-46

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Transcending Rhythm 26|Anuradha Thakur- Acrylic on Canvas, 2012, 36 x 48 inches

Transcending Rhythm-26

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