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Ea Ka Zar Cho

Ea Ka Zar Cho

Ea Ka Zar Cho, born in 1952, is one of the most poetic artists in Myanmar today. His compositions may be contemplative, but more are playful, nimble, wry, drawn with sharpened wits, or just made with the right mix of chaos and rhythm to generate different impressions at different times.

Ea Ka Zar Cho's first solo show took place in Yangon in 2006; he has had a second solo exhibition, as well as contributing to group shows, including at the Brighton Arts Festival, and in a series of exhibitions in Hong Kong. He experiments with different techniques, the paintings he creates vary from watercolor and mixed media paintings on paper, done with a light touch; through small paintings on canvas, some including a sharp commentary on the times; to larger paintings some beautiful, some light-hearted, some intricate, many with figures emerging through an obscuring layer. But the most important aspect is the spontaneity.

Frequent chaacters in his paintings include Burmese-style peacocks, hintha ducks, ogres, manuthihas, chinthe stylised lions, and nat spirits. Families, happy and not, are also a favourite subject. Ea Ka Zar Cho's paintings are always shifting in the perception of the observer, revealing a little more to each look.

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