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Maung Myint Aung

Maung Myint Aung

Maung Myint Aung was born in 1959 in Htoo Gyi in the delta Ayarwaddy Division. After attending the State School of Fine Arts in Yangon he worked as an illustrator from 1984 to 1988. Since then he has carved out a living exclusively from painting. Maung Myint Aung has exhibited in Myanmar and other South-East Asian countries, exhibiting nearly every year since 1996.

Maung Myint Aung is famous for the characters depicted in his paintings. He created several series showing big men and women with abstract backgrounds, bold colors and interesting compositions. "The big fat guy series began with some sketches. I drew a huge body with a tiny head, making the body look even fatter. The basis of this, from the beginning, was a desire to satirise. But then there are colors. I combine them both with my emotion and paint." says the artist. His brushstrokes are quick. It is not just the size and proportions he distorts, but also line, tone, color and perspective.

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