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Min Wae Aung

Min Wae Aung

 Min Wae Aung is all about detail and methodology, yet he makes his completed canvases seem as if they were the simplest thing to do. He is also one for bold expanses of color, minimum of fuss with his brushes, focussing only on the necessary. He paints with a gusto that is rare among post-modern syndrome artists. Min is from the State School of Fine Arts, Yangon, Myanmar.

Min Wae Aung is an artist in love with his country and his people. All his works are of his people as observed during his travels across the region. He has them talking, walking, working, but always on their feet, as they would in their daily lives. The paintings also tell the viewer the tale of where the artist has been traveling through. He loves to depict his people in scorching reds and golden yellowsThe colors are intense, black and white being used as shadow and highlight. His uncompromising, monochromatic palette of either red or yellow, is a feat, letting each figure seem etched out of the background of the painting. With Min Wae Aung what one gets to do is peer into each painting, as if standing in the shade and looking out at the heat of the day.  

Min’s work represents all of those people who are out on their feet for themselves and their families. His subjects are often sun-drenched, moving figures across parched earthen roads, their postures revealing inner burdens and weariness. There are also glimpses of flower sellers, and market folk, and random people groups traversing through their daily rituals. His uncompromising attention to the details of their individual movements is remarkable and form the highlight of his works.  

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Novices on the morning round|Min Wae Aung- Watercolor on Paper, 2017, 30 x 22 inches

Novices on the morning round

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Nuns under sunshine 1|Min Wae Aung- Watercolor on Paper, 2017, 30 x 22 inches

Nuns under sunshine - 1

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Towards Monastery 2|Min Wae Aung- Watercolor on Paper, 2017, 30 x 22 inches

Nuns under sunshine - 2

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2010 "Golden Heritage, Solo by Min Wae Aung, Asia Fine Art Gallery, Hong Kong, in association with Wan Fung Art Gallery, Shanghai.  

2009 "Another Journey to Asia" Global Art Source (Contemporary Art Advisement), in association with Art-St-Urban, Lucerne, Switzerland.  

2008 "May the Road Rise with you" Kings Road Gallery, London.  

2008 "Min Wae Aung -"Portraits" Karin Weber Gallery, Hong Kong.  

2007 "Min Wae Aung - Under Sunshine" Kings Road Gallery, In association with Gallerie Jonas, Paris, France.  

2006 "Journey to Asia" Min Wae Aung, CanvasiaIn association with Global Art Source (Contemporary Art Advisement), Doldbach center, Zurich, Switzerland.  

2005 "Min WaeAun g –Water Colors "Karin Weber Gallery, Hong Kong.  

2005 "Golden Heritage", Kings Road Gallery, Chelsea, London, UK  

2004 "On the Road", Folsom Gallery, San Francisco, USA.  

2004 "On the Road", Chouinard Gallery, Chicago, USA.  

2004 "On the Road': The Annex Gallery, New York, USA.  

2003 "My Friends", Art-2 Gallery, MITA Building, Singapore.  

2003 "Golden Dream",Fort Worth, Texas, USA.  

2003 "Golden Dream", Stilwerk, Germany.  

2003 "On The Road", Kings Road Gallery, Chelsea, London, UK. 

2003 "Endless Journey, Karin Weber Gallery, in association with Art-2 Gallery, Hong Kong.  

2002 "My Friends", Recent Paintings Solo Exhibition, New Treasure Art Gallery, Yangon, Myanmar.  

2001 "Golden Passage", Karin Weber Gallery, in association with Art-2 Gallery, Hong Kong.  

2001 "Golden Heritage", Kings Road Gallery, Chelsea, London, UK.  

2001 "Min Wae Aung First Solo Show in Myanmar" National Museum, Yangon, Myanmar. 

2000 "Golden Visions", Art-2 Gallery, MITA Building, Singapore.  

1999 "Moving through Landscapes", Motcomb Gallery, London, UK  

1999 `Spiritual Enlightenment: Karin Weber Gallery, in association with Art-2 Gallery Hong Kong. 

1998 "Passages of life", The Substation Gallery, Art-2, Singapore.  

1996 "Mini Exhibition & Sale of Burmese Art by Min Wae Aung", Spottiswoode Park Road. Singapore.        


Min Wae Aung has been part of many group exhibitions as well. His works have found a pride of place in prestigious homes and institutions such as School of Oriental & African Studies Collection (London), Fukuoka Art Museum (Japan), Singapore Art MuseumSafti Military Institute (Singapore), Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong), National Museum (Yangon Myanmar), Trammell & Margaret Crow Collection of Asian Art (Dallas, USA), National Art Gallery (Kuala LumpurMalaysia) and more.  

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