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Prakash Deshmukh

Prakash Deshmukh

Prakash Deshmukh’s love for the pristine and the innocent is what gathers form on his canvases. These qualities are personified as characters in his canvases. He sees the innocence in the heart of a girl. He captures boldly her sentiments, expressions and body language in varying personas that range from the mythical to the mystical. His references are girls in Indian folklore and the enchanting duo of Radha-Krishna. He is heavily influenced by the colour palette and structure of an era bygone but manages to successfully recreate them in a modern and contemporary manner.

His paintings have an almost lyrical quality which stands delicately exposed in the dancing eyes of his damsels, the fluttering leaves and the tender flora that surround his characters. The colours he chooses to use are and soft and serene, enveloping their central character contributing to her mood. The demure girls and couples with their lovely eyes, their sharp features look as though in a trance, caught in the moment. In capturing this lyrical spectacle on canvas lies Prakash Deshmukh’s success as an artist.

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Radha Krishna 10|Prakash B. Deshmukh- Acrylic on Canvas, 2013, 35 x 46 inches

Radha Krishna 10

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Lyrical Symphony|Prakash B. Deshmukh- Acrylic on Canvas, 2013, 42 x 36 inches

Lyrical Symphony

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Shurngaar|Prakash B. Deshmukh- Acrylic on Canvas, 2013, 35 x 46 inches


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 2000 Diploma in Art Education Abhinav Kala Mahavidyalaya, Pune, Maharashtra

1999 G.D. Art (Drawing and Painting), L.S. Raheja School of Arts, Mumbai

1995 Bachelor of Arts, Rajarshi Shahu Mahavidyalaya, Latur, Maharashtra



2009 ‘Lyrical Symphony’, Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai

2005 The Art Entrance Gallery, Mumbai



2008 Exhibition of Indian Contemporary Artist Orignal’s, Singapore

2008 Gallery Artchill, Jaipur, Rajasthan

2008 Kanchan Art Gallery, Jaipur, Rajasthan

2007 ‘Rhythm of Color’, Kolkata

2006 Juneja Art Gallery, Jaipur, Rajasthan

2006 Vinnyasa Premier Art Gallery, Chennai

1998 Son et Lumiere, Mumbai



2008 ‘Art Access Week’, Vinnyasa Art Gallery, Chennai

2008 ‘Chatak’, Nehru Centre, Mumbai

2007 ‘Monsoon Show’, Legacy Art Gallery, Mumbai

2000 The Art Society of India, Mumbai

1998 State Art Exhibition, Maharshtra

1998 Bombay Art Society, Mumbai



2000 Best Landscape Painting, The Art Society of India, Mumbai

1999 ‘Best Water Color’, Camlin Prize, L. S. Raheja School of Arts, Mumbai

1999 On the Spot Painting Competition, Ving, Sangli, Maharashtra

1996 ‘Vanchit Vikas’, Poster Competition, Latur, Maharashtra


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