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Fire Fire
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S. H. Raza


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About the Art

Limited Edition Serigraph printed in 49 colors on archival paper. This serigraph was published in an edition size of 100. This item will be shipped unframed, in a roll. The paper size is 40 x 30 inch, Image size is 24 x 24 inch. The print is signed by the artist and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

This work, suggests a blend of Raza’s two distinctive styles of paintings, one being his gestural strokes, and other being his Abstractionism, using his vocabulary of pure geometry to express the fundamental elements of life.

Titled ‘Fire’, the palette of this work, consisting of the hot oranges, yellows, reds, with hints of green, impart the heat and burning blaze of fire. Fire, also known as agni reflects the primordial powers to consume, transform and convey. The gestural brushwork imparts the experience of agni, while the faint triangles and the dense orange nucleus, gives away many interpretations of ancient philosophy. Firstly, Tantra calls the triangle the cone of fire, a reference to its shape. This is the fire of aspiration which is ever burning in the heart of the spiritual seeker. Secondly, the threefold structure of the triangle is interpreted over multiple levels. Some of these visualizations are: Creation, Preservation, and Destruction, i.e. Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva; three tendencies: the neutral, the positive and the negative - Sattva, Rajas, and Tamas; three Vedas: Rig, Yaju and Sam. Lastly the intersection of two geometric forms (lines and triangles) represents forces that are even more intense than those generated by the simple forms. Such interpenetration indicates a high level in the dynamic interaction of the correspondent energies, and the bija encased inside these triangles, thrives with condensed energy.