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Dhanraju Swaminathan

Dhanraju Swaminathan

Mastering the art and technique of working with pen and ink, artist Dhanraju Swaminathan’s work displays energy in monotone. Breathing life into the black and white, the artist’s themes revolve around temple scenes, striking statues of gods and goddesses, lively performers and spirited dancers. Fiery eyes with an electrifying gaze, ornaments and jewelry in all its glory, the ever slight movement and poise of the dancers, all convey the love and attachment that the artist has for culture. As realistic as they can get, Dhanraju’s eye for detail can be witnessed in every inch of the canvas. While the words ‘temple’, ‘dance’, ‘performance’ and ‘culture’, all conjure up an image filled with color and dazzling sparkle, Dhanraju’s work never fails to resonate with the ever pulsating character of our dynamic culture even in the monotone. The color in Dhanraju swaminathan’s work is the theme itself which he gracefully reproduces, using wisely, and his command over the pen.

To see artworks by Dhanraju Swaminathan, click here

EDUCATION Govt. College of Arts & Crafts, Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu, India

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