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A.P Marskanna

A.P Marskanna

How does nature express itself? Through textures. If you look at nature, every surface has a texture, the sand, the rock, the leaf, the flower, the tree bark, water, animals and so on. As a chemistry graduate, A.P Marskanna looks deep into what is the structure of a texture, its composition, its formative elements, its matrix arrangements and its physical properties. He attempts to decode this language that nature speaks.

“I understand texture to be a mark of nature, a unique identity. It reveals the past present and future of the world we live in, it is the scribble of nature in her diary it is a tactile form of communication. When I studied nature, I wanted to create an illusion of it. I wanted to share this experience of the nature’s language. My canvases are not decorative pieces; they are my understanding of nature’s language and my efforts to translate it. When someone looks at my canvas, they should understand what that texture is speaking and they shouldn’t have to feel it to comprehend the meaning; they should just look at it and understand the beauty of nature’s language. I find the bark of a tree one of the most pronounced. It’s aesthetically beautiful and the rhythm of its lines and arrangements reveal more secrets and facts about the universe.”

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Tree Diary 3|A.P. Marskanna- Mixed Media on Canvas, 2013, 36 x 36 inches

Tree Diary 3

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